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Giant Wildcat Academy students speak at state conference

Posted: by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
News Blog Category - News Last week, several students from the Giant Wildcat Academy were featured as speakers during the Indiana Council of Administrators of Special Education's annual conference in Indianapolis.

GWA is a partnership between Marion Community Schools and Indiana Wesleyan University that gives select students with disabilities (ages 18-22) the opportunity to explore the world and life beyond the walls of Marion High School. With the help of IWU student mentors, GWA students learn to be more independent, increase their social circle, and learn how to live an abundant life. GWA students learn life skills, experience the college atmosphere, and can work as volunteers in various capacities on the IWU campus. 

At the ICASE conference, some of our students, mentors, and staff talked about the program and the special opportunities it offers. It was a great experience! For some of our students, it was the first time in a hotel, or the first extended trip away from Marion.

We are grateful to ICASE for the opportunity, and we are so proud of our students, mentors, and staff!

>> For more information about GWA or how you can get involved, click to email Renee Arenibar, or call 765-618-4144. IWU students interested in becoming peer mentors can obtain applications in the IWU Teachers Education Office in Goodman Hall.