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All policies of Marion Community Schools shall adhere to Indiana General Schools laws, applicable Federal laws and regulations, and employee agreements and/or contract.

The bylaws of the Board of this Corporation incorporate quotations from the statutes and administrative code of the State of Indiana as well as from the Federal statutes and regulations. Such quotations may be substantively altered only by appropriate legislative, judicial, or administrative actions.

Whenever the following items are used in these bylaws and policies, they shall have the meaning set forth below:

Administrative Guideline
A statement, based on policy, usually written, which outlines and/or describes the means by which a policy should be implemented and which provides for the management cycle of planning, action, and assessment or evaluation.

The Board of School Trustees of Marion Community Schools.

Rule of the Board for its own governance.

Master Contract
A collectively-negotiated document with a recognized bargaining unit.

Marion Community Schools.

Due Process

Procedural due process requires prior knowledge (a posted discipline code), notice of offense (accusation), and the opportunity to respond.


Any person for whom FICA is withheld by Marion Community Schools.

Full Board

Authorized number of voting members entitled to govern the Corporation.


This word is used when an action by the Board or its designee is permitted but not required.


A gathering of the majority of the members of the Board for the purpose of taking official actions upon the business of the School Corporation. (IC 5-14-1.5-2(c)(d))


The natural or adoptive parents or the party designated by the courts as the legal guardian or custodian of a student. Both parents will be considered to have equal rights unless a court of law decrees otherwise.


A general, written statement by the Board which defines its expectations or position on a particular matter and authorizes appropriate action that must or may be taken to establish and/or maintain those expectations.


The President of the Board of Education. (See Bylaw 0170)


The educational leader and head administrator of one or more Corporation schools. In policy and administrative guidelines, implies authority to delegate designated responsibilities to appropriate members of his/her staff.

Professional Staff Member

An employee who implements or supervises one (1) or more aspects of the Corporation s program and whose position requires a professional credential from the Teacher Licensing Department of the Indiana Department of Education.


The Secretary of the Board of Education. (See Bylaw 0170)


This word when referring to an action by the Board or its designee means such an action is required. (The word will or must signifies a required action.)


A person who is officially enrolled in a school or program of the Corporation.


The chief executive officer of the Marion Community Schools. In policy it may imply delegation of responsibilities to appropriate staff member(s).

Support Employee

An employee who provides support to the Corporation s program and whose position does not require a professional certificate from the Teacher Licensing Department of the Indiana Department of Education.


The chief financial officer of the District. (See Bylaw 0170)

Vice President

The vice president of the Board of Education. (See Bylaw 0170)


Board members must be physically present in order to have their vote officially recorded in the Board minutes.

However, IC 5-5-2-2/5 allows:

  1. This section applies to a meeting of the Board at which at least four (4) members of the Board are physically present at the place where the meeting is conducted.
  2. a member of the Board may participate in a meeting of the Board by using a means of communication that permits:
    a. all other members participating in the meeting; and
    b. all members of the public physically present at the meeting where the meeting is conducted to simultaneously communicate with each other during the meeting.
  3. A member who participates in a meeting under subsection (B) is considered to be present at the meeting.
  4. The memoranda of the meeting prepared under IC 5-14-1.5-4 must also state the name of each member who:
    a. was physically present at the place where the meeting was conducted;
    b. participated in the meeting by using a means of communication described in subsection (B); and,
    c. was absent.

Citations to the Indiana Code are shown as IC followed by the Section Number (e.g., IC 20-10.1). Citations to the Indiana Administrative Code are prefaced 511 I.A.C. (e.g., 511 I.A.C. 6-5-1). Citations to the Federal Register are noted as FR, to the Code of Federal Regulations as CFR, and to the United States Codes as U.S.C.