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A joint committee of teachers and administrators developed the following aims to serve as guideposts for use by the staff of the schools as they strive to provide the educational experiences which will most effectively prepare students for the human conditions which exist today, and which are anticipated for the future:    

A. Recognize the student’s potentialities and evolve a plan of development in keeping with his/her      capacities, needs, and interests.    

B. Make full use of the student’s mental power through broad, deep, clear thinking, and through the exercise of his/her creative abilities.    

C. Develop the student’s maximum facility in the use of language and in the understanding and interpretation of basic areas of knowledge.    

D. Encourage the student to enjoy good health by developing and maintaining his/her body at a high level of physical fitness.    

E. Equip the student through general and specialized education for earning a satisfactory and happy living in a vocation for which s/he is well fitted.    

F. Assist the student in developing an understanding of the basic principles that have guided mankind and in applying those ideals to daily living through justice, fair dealing, and tolerance.    

G. Prepare the student for the use of leisure time through appreciation of literature, music art, recreational activities, and the media.    

H. Develop the student’s personality for harmonious living with self and others.    

I. Prepare the student for the responsibility and privileges of life.    

J. Maintain the ideals of our American heritage while developing in the student an awareness of and responsibility to the world at large.