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Curriculum Development
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The Board recognizes its responsibility for the quality of the educational program of the schools. To this end, the curriculum shall be developed, evaluated, and adopted on a continuing basis and in accordance with a plan for curriculum update established by the Superintendent.

For purposes of policy, curriculum shall be defined as the plan for learning necessary to accomplish the educational goals of the Corporation.

The Board directs that the curriculum of this Corporation will:

A. provide instruction in courses required by statute and the Indiana Department of Education;

B. be developed by the professional staff;

C. be consistent with the Corporation’s philosophy and goals and result in their achievement;

D. allow for the development of individual talents and interests as well as recognize that learning styles of students may differ;

E. provide for continuous and cumulative learning through effective articulation at all grade levels;

F. utilize a variety of learning resources to accomplish the educational goals;

G. encourage students to utilize guidance and counseling in their academic and career planning.

As educational leader of the Corporation, the Superintendent shall be responsible to the Board for the development and evaluation of curriculum and preparation of courses of study.

Public progress reports will be made to the Board.

The Board encourages the exploration and implementation of new ideas and programs designed to enrich and supplement the curriculum. These new programs should be carefully planned and evaluated. All new programs must be discussed with the recognized teachers’ bargaining unit and be approved by the Superintendent prior to their implementation.

The Board encourages the study and evaluation of the instructional program by the professional staff and the participation of citizens in such studies.

The Board believes assemblies, convocations, and programs for students have an important place in a well-rounded educational program. They must, however, be consistent with the educational goals of the schools.

The Board directs the Superintendent to pursue actively State and Federal aid in support of educational programs, i.e. Chapter I, and research activities in this Corporation.