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Live Animals in School
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Live animals with the exception of fish in aquariums and service animals are only to be in the school for educational purposes. At no time will animals considered dangerous be brought into the classrooms.

When an animal is to be brought into a classroom a note will be sent home with the students of that class notifying the parents that an animal will be present. If known in advance this will be done at the beginning of the school year. It is up to the parents to notify the teacher or principal if their student is allergic to the animal. Upon such notice, the Principal will confer with the Teacher and determine what options are available including having the student transferred to a different classroom without animals or changing to a different species with no allergy problems, or not having an animal in the classroom. The school will not reveal the name of the student with allergy issues to students or parents. If after an animal is brought into the classroom, the parent finds their student is allergic to the animal, the school will work with the parent and teacher to resolve the issue.

Examples of educational purposes where animals would be in the classroom for an extended period are:
1) Animals used in health class to demonstrate affects of different diets.
2) Animals used in science class to show developmental changes or diversity.
3) Eggs incubated to show development.

Examples of educational purposes where animals are in the classroom for one day or less:
1) Pets/animals brought into the classroom to allow students exposure to a variety of species.
2) Pets/animals used to demonstrate obedience training.

This is not a comprehensive list of appropriate uses. The principal, when requested by a teacher, has the authority to determine if it is appropriate to bring an animal into the classroom.

Cleaning: Cages shall be cleaned by the teacher in charge of the animal (not students) on a routine basis as to avoid offensive odors or pest issues. Aquariums with fish are to be maintained by the teacher in charge of the aquarium including cleaning as needed.

When appropriate, teachers may allow students to handle and/or feed the animals.