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Latch-Key Programs
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After receiving a request for proposal, the Corporation will contract in writing with a not-for-profit organization or a for-profit organization on an annual basis to provide a school age child care program which utilizes Corporation building(s) for Corporation students in grades Kindergarten through grade 6.. Such use is limited to before and after the school day and only when school is in session. An organization eligible to contract with the Corporation for a child care program must meet or exceed the following standards:

    1.Maintain liability insurance to cover participants with $300,000 per person and $2,000,000 per occurrence limits.

    2. Maintain a maximum child to staff ratio of 15 to 1. Staff, for purposes of determining the child to staff ratio, is defined as any person who is responsible for and directly engaged in supervising children.

    3. Comply with guidelines established by the State of Indiana and the Corporation.

No fee will be assessed for the use of school buildings for this policy. The use of school buildings, grounds, equipment, and facilities for school purposes shall have precedence over all other uses.

The Superintendent will develop guidelines, fee schedules and forms to implement this policy.

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