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Corporation-Sponsored CO-Curricular and Extra-Curricular Activities
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The Board believes that the goals and objectives of this Corporation are best achieved by a diversity of learning experiences, including those that are not conducted in a regular classroom but are directly related to the curriculum.

The purpose of co-curricular activities shall be to enable students to explore a wider range of individual interests than may be available in the Corporation’s courses of study but are directly related to accomplishing the educational outcomes for students as adopted by the Board in Policy 2131.

For purposes of this policy, co-curricular activities are defined as those activities in which:

A. the subject matter is actually taught or will be taught in a regularly offered course; or

B. the subject matter concerns the Corporation’s composite courses of study; or

C. participation is required for a particular course; or

D. participation results in academic credit.

No co-curricular activity shall be considered to be under the sponsorship of this Board unless it meets one (1) or more of the criteria stated above and has been approved by the Superintendent.

Extra-curricular activities are an integral part of school life and often require as much careful planning and supervision as the academic subjects. However, care must be taken that these activities do not take precedence in importance over the subject matter areas, but remain in the position of supplementing the actual courses of study.

All students elected to student offices, or who represent their schools in extra-curricular activities, shall have and maintain good citizenship records, both in and out of school.

Whenever or wherever held, when conducted under the name of the school or Corporation or any class or organization thereof, extra-curricular activities shall be under the general supervision of the school authorities.

Extra-curricular groups shall not be secret in nature.

The Board endorses the creation of clubs and other approved school organizations for the purpose of reaching the interests of as many students as possible.

Athletic, academic, and social activities held in the name of, or under the auspices of the school or any group, shall be under the general supervision of the principal of the school. Corporation-wide events shall be approved by the Superintendent.

All extra-curricular activities of the schools shall be conducted to terminate on or before 10:30 p.m., and there shall be sufficient school personnel in attendance at such activities to ensure proper supervision and discipline. If for any reason such school activities cannot be terminated prior to the local curfew, the police department shall be notified by the principal to probable time of termination of such event.

School sponsored gatherings in which students participate will not be held the day or evening when school is closed on an emergency basis unless authorized by the Superintendent, and/or the building principal.

No outside organization may use the name of the Corporation or any other name which would associate an activity with the Corporation unless approved by the Superintendent.

Students shall be fully informed of the co-curricular and extra-curricular activities available to them and of the eligibility standards established for participation in these activities. Corporation-sponsored activities shall be available to all students who elect to participate and who meet eligibility standards.

Policy References

I.C. 20-30-15-6