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Surrogate Parents for Disabled Students
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The Board establishes the following policy to assure procedural safeguards of disabled students with regard to the involvement of their parents.

This policy affects disabled students of the Corporation whose parents are unknown, or cannot be identified, or whose parents are unavailable or cannot be located. (A student's parents are considered to be "unavailable" if they cannot be located after a "reasonable effort" on the part of the Corporation). It also affects disabled students who are wards of the State and whose parent or guardian has not retained the right to make educational decisions for the student.

Upon determination that a student is in need of a surrogate parent, the Superintendent shall, within thirty (30) days, appoint a surrogate parent who will be sent a formal letter of appointment. A copy of the appointment shall be placed in the student's permanent records.

Policy References
34 CFR 3000.514
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