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Adoption of Textbooks Administrative Guidelines
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Textbook Selection and Advisory Committee

Textbooks shall be adopted according to I.C. 20-26-12-24. Specifically:

1. A new Advisory Committee will be formed each adoption year. The Committee will be representative of the community,

2. A majority of the committee must be teachers,

3. At least forty percent (40%) of the committee must be parents,

4. The Advisory Committee will make a recommendation to the Superintendent,

5. The Committee shall consider the following:

    a. Alignment of the text with Indiana Academic Standards

    b. Alignment of the text with MCS goals,

    c. Appropriateness of the text for community standards,

    d. Inclusiveness of the text regarding multi-ethnic perspectives, and

    e. Opportunity for student career awareness and goal development.

6. The Committee should strive to complete its review before May 1 and,

7. Recommended textbooks will be available for public review at least two weeks prior to their adoption.

Policy References

Policy 2510