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Selection of Instructional Materials and Equipment
Adoption Date

The Board may provide instructional materials and equipment to implement the Corporation’s educational goals and objectives and to meet students’ needs. The primary objective of such instructional materials and equipment shall be to enrich, support, and implement the educational program of the school.

The Superintendent will make certain that no student is denied needed materials because of the inability to pay.

Students may purchase Corporation property fabricated by them as a part of their regular class assignments. Charge for materials may be made only according to the original cost to the Corporation for materials furnished.

Students who are involved in special performing groups may be expected to assume part or all of the cost of a required outfit or costume. An outfit or uniform may also be required in Physical Education classes.

Students using school-owned instruments in a school band or orchestra program will be charged a non-refundable rental fee per regular school year and an additional fee for summer months. The fee will be determined annually. Loss or unwarranted wear or damage of school-owned instruments will be charged to the student involved.