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Professional Staff
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Affirmative Action
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Consistent with the established policy, goals, and objectives of the Corporation and with the directives provided by the Federal and State Government; affirmative action procedures will be established to ensure employment opportunities for all racial minorities and women.

The Corporation wishes to reaffirm its moral and legal commitment to full support and affirmative action toward equal opportunities in employment. The Corporation further reaffirms its policy not to discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment or promotion because of race, color, creed, national origin, physical disability, age or sex. The Board’s policy not to discriminate in employment includes, but is not limited to the following:

A. The Board will recruit, hire, and promote for all job classifications, without regard to race, creed, color, national origin, physical disability, age, or sex.

B. The Corporation will provide equal opportunities for in-service training of employees for the purpose of consideration for promotion during their employment.

C. The Corporation will ensure that all other personnel actions such as compensation, benefits, lay-off, promotions, and other personnel action not mentioned be administered on a non-discriminatory basis.

D. The administration will hire staff consistent with Board policies.

E. The recruitment team will make special efforts to search for and screen minority candidates and shall receive in-service training to prepare themselves for this responsibility.

F. Administrators and all employees shall be informed in writing of this policy.

G. As minority staff members are employed they shall be assigned throughout the Corporation.

H. Consistent with positive employer-employee relationships, a member of the central staff will make follow-up contact with each new minority staff member at least one (1) time during the first year of employment to offer assistance if desired.

I. The administration shall work cooperatively with teacher training institutions to seek minority student teachers for the Corporation.

J. The Director of Personnel shall, under the supervision of the Superintendent, be responsible for the implementation of this policy and shall compile data as are required to evaluate and maintain its effectiveness. On an annual basis or as directed by the Board, the Superintendent will furnish the Board with a progress report detailing the action taken to implement this policy.

K. All management personnel shall take the following steps to ensure compliance with the Affirmative Action Program:

    1. Disseminate a copy of this policy to all employees under this supervision.

    2. Ensure that all employees under their supervision know that the Director of Personnel is responsible for the local program.

    3. Ensure unbiased administration of all personnel policies.

    4. Understand the performance of supervisory personnel in the EEO area will be a factor considered in performance evaluation.

L. In line with the above statements, this District will periodically conduct analysis of all personnel actions, develop goals and timetables, and implement plans to ensure that Equal Opportunity is supported through an affirmative action program.

M. An Affirmative Action Committee shall be appointed by the Superintendent to monitor the affirmative action activities. Discrimination Procedure Manual of Marion Community Schools