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Personnel Files
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It is necessary for the Corporation to maintain a personnel record system.

The Board requires that sufficient records exist to ensure an employee’s qualifications for the job held, compliance with Federal, State, and local benefit programs, conformance with Corporation rules, and evaluations. Such records will be kept in compliance with the laws of the State of Indiana.

The Board delegates the maintenance of employee personnel records to the Superintendent.

A single central file shall be maintained, and subsidiary records shall be maintained for ease in data gathering only.

The personnel file shall contain when appropriate:

    A. a certificate issued by the State Department of Education;

    B. transcript(s) of all post-secondary work;

    C. proof of work experience outside the School Corporation;

    D. all evaluations;

    E. information pertaining to employment or termination of employment;

    F. other information required by law.

Only information which pertains to the professional role of the employee and submitted by duly authorized school administrative personnel and the Board may be entered in the personnel records file.

A copy of each entry shall be given to the employee upon request by the employee.

The employee shall have access to his/her file upon request.