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Pick-up & Drop-off Address For MCS Provided Bus Transportation
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Pick-up & Drop-off Address For MCS Provided Bus Transportation

In order to insure the safety of pickup and delivery of MCS students that utilize MCS transportation, the following guideline should be used regarding verified addresses at which students may be picked up and dropped off:

  1. Up to 2 addresses will be allowed per student for pick-up and drop-off locations
  2. Both addresses must be placed in PowerSchool.
  3. Transportation will only pick-up or drop-off a student at addresses that are in PowerSchool
  4. If a student/family has an additional address for a day(s), they must bring a note to the principal for review. After investigation, the principal must sign the note indicating it is a valid request. This note can then be given and retained by the bus driver as authorization. This process should only be used for exceptions (i.e. emergency situations, etc.).
  5. If one of the two addresses listed in PowerSchool need to be changed, the parent should contact the school for this change. Upon changing the information in PowerSchool, the building should send Transportation an email listing the student’s name and building and state that an address has changed in PowerSchool.

Note: This guideline only applies to students whose primary address qualifies them for transportation. A secondary address for pick-up and drop off must also be in the building’s transportation zone.

This guideline should be communicated with families during registration to insure understanding and to insure that up to two addresses are entered into PowerSchool.