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Charter Schools
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The Board is strongly committed to programs and initiatives that enhance academic opportunities for all students living within the Corporation.

It is the intent of the Board to exercise its responsibilities as a potential sponsor of charter schools under Indiana law in a fiscally and educationally responsible manner that promotes innovation and diversity of educational programs. The Board and Administration will work with organizers of charter schools in a review and evaluation process that is designed to meet these goals:

A. Serve the different learning styles and needs of public school students.

B. Offer public school students appropriate and innovative choices.

C. Afford varied opportunities for professional educators.

D. Allow public schools freedom and flexibility in exchange for exceptional levels of accountability.

E. Provide parents, students, community members, and local entities with an expanded opportunity for involvement in the public school system.

An organizer requesting that this governing body sponsor a charter school must submit a written application in the form provided by the Superintendent. In the application, the organizer must demonstrate that the proposed charter school meets the purposes prescribed by law for the formation of a charter school and that the proposed charter school will be able to implement a viable program of quality education for its students. In the case of a conversion school, the application must include documents showing the necessary parental and teacher support for a charter school.

Initial review and evaluation of proposals will be the responsibility of the Superintendent. The Superintendent will present proposals to the Board, with recommendations, in time to permit the Board’s consideration within 60 days of the submission of each proposal. The Superintendent will permit any person or entity submitting a charter school proposal to withdraw and resubmit the proposal in order to address concerns raised in the review and evaluation process.

In order to ensure sufficient time for an organizer to address concerns raised during the review and evaluation process, organizers must submit proposals prior to October 1 of the year before the school year in which the charter school proposes to open.

Policy References

I.C. 20-24-1-1 et seq.