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Meritorious Recognition
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The Corporation recognizes that key individuals contribute unselfishly to the success of the school district and its stakeholders. The school corporation may recognize such individuals for their efforts and service above and beyond the normal expectations on behalf of the school district and its students. A standing committee appointed by the Superintendent will review recommendations for meritorious recognition and advance the names of worthy individuals for consideration. Recognizing an individual for meritorious status is an important matter that deserves thoughtful attention. Personal bias, favoritism, political pressure, or temporary popularity should not be an influence in choosing a name. Sensitivity and common sense must be reflected in the timing of any public recognition.

The recognition for outstanding contributions to the Corporation will be reflected in these ways: naming of part of a facility for an individual, naming of an entire school facility for an individual or issuing naming rights in consideration of provided resources, or special recognition of former students, former athletes, and anyone by Marion Community Schools; its buildings, departments, or areas within the district, must have School Board authorization.

The Corporation recognizes that individual students or groups may be deserving of recognition for their efforts and service above and beyond the normal expectations of the school district and its students.

The Board must be on the leading edge of such recognition when items will be publicly advertised or publicly displayed within any Marion Community School facility in honor of that recognition.

Such recognition will be available following the fifth (5th) year that the respective student has graduated from Marion Community Schools.

Individuals deceased or living may be considered for recognition.

Considerable care will be used when naming a school facility or a part of a facility after an individual. Recognizing that the ethnic and cultural composition of the local school community will change and that school/facility names are permanent, the name(s) selected should have broad acceptance in the community. Individuals receiving such honorable recognition will be those who have made outstanding contributions and demonstrated excellence in their endeavors over a long period of time. The moral character of the individual must also be considered. Similar contributions of other individuals, before and possibly after the individual being recommended for the naming of a facility or part of a facility, will be considered as part of the determination of whether or not to give such recognition. Existing structures or physical spaces named for individuals will not be changed. If a school facility is demolished, that name may be used again.

Name space within a facility
As an alternate to naming an entire building for an individual, some area within a school property may be considered for naming in his/her honor such as a gymnasium, stadium, playground, auditorium, library, pool, etc.

Name entire facility
Consideration for naming an entire school facility for an individual will be based on that person’s extraordinary accomplishments.

Naming rights
Nothing in these guidelines prevents the Board from considering an offer of financial support in exchange for naming an entire facility or a unit/area within a facility. The financial support must be substantially proportionate to the value of the facility or unit to be named.

While there is no prescribed format for nominating someone for recognition, it is suggested that such written recommendation should include (at minimum):

  1. Name (proposed)
  2. Background date (rationale)
  3. Financial commitment and procedures (if involved)
  4. Anyone may submit names for consideration


Upon receipt of a nomination:

  1. The Superintendent will convene a standing committee composed of the Assistant Superintendent, two (2) principals, two (2) citizens, two (2) school board members, the President of the Marion Teachers Association, and an appropriate administrative designee.
  2. The committee shall acknowledge receipt of the nomination and inform the petitioners that, prior to a decision, the committee will be available to receive additional information regarding the nominee.
  3. The committee shall review all information and forward a recommendation to the Superintendent.
  4. The Superintendent will review the recommendation(s) and may submit it to the Board for approval, reject it and/or return the recommendation to the committee for further review or clarification.
  5. The Board will make the final determination on which individuals will be recognized and how.

If a name is advanced for recognition, the request will be placed on the public Board agenda as a discussion item with action deferred to a later meeting. In no case shall the Board act immediately on a recommendation to name a facility without giving the community the opportunity to provide input in a public Board meeting.

The Board may waive any procedural step referenced in this policy. Nothing in these guidelines precludes the Board from addressing meritorious recognition of an individual in the absence of any other initiative. The Board may remove a name, that was given for previous meritorious recognition, from a facility or part of a facility.