Building together for our students: Let’s make the 2021-22 school year the best yet!

Publish Date: 07/06/2021

A message from Dr. Brad Lindsay, Superintendent of Marion Community Schools:

My leadership philosophy as a superintendent is to always be promoting, communicating, publishing, marketing and celebrating significant highlights of the good that is happening in our schools and the greater community in which my family and I live and serve. 

Continuing to build collaborative relationships in our community is key. Opportunity abounds. The school’s success is the city’s success, and vice versa. Together we can continue to make good happen for the people of Marion. (Click here to explore some of the great things about our community!)

Some of our impactful partnerships include:

As I enter my ninth year as superintendent of Marion Community Schools, we are intentionally engaged in building up and promoting our Marion brand and our story, the distinctions of excellence that make Marion Community Schools unique and special. 

We are proud of the exciting learning opportunities we are providing to our students and the successes our students have experienced, despite all of the challenges. 

>> School starts Aug. 11 and enrollment is open - click here for more information!

My time as superintendent of Marion Community Schools has helped reinforce my understanding that public education has a responsibility to embrace and wisely serve all the children of all the people. 

We intend for all our students to graduate life ready, and to accomplish this we must be intentional to ensure equity and access for every student. We will continue to commit to inclusive excellence, meeting the needs and preferences of all our students and families.

We want every student to become expert at something by the time they graduate. We want our Giants to have a choice in their own future. It is our mission to provide our students the experiences to be college-, career- and life-ready. 

We have successfully aligned educational opportunities from preschool through advanced post-secondary education right here in our Marion community. Here are some examples:

I have included links with further detail and evidence of Marion Community Schools’ innovation and Giant success, should you choose to explore: 

What is good for the schools is good for the community, and what is good for the community is good for the schools. Working in collaboration to share and multiply local resources increases ownership, builds relationships and makes better happen for people. All of this makes a community an attractive place for people to live, serve and play.

We have solidified existing partnerships and engaged new partners as well. Schools are the academic and economic engine of the community, but they are also an integral part of the social events of the community. We embrace these roles and seek to build up our entire community through our work within our schools. 

We have also engaged our community by leveraging alumni connections and building a productive and profitable relationship with the Marion High School Alumni Association. We also honor notable alumni every year through the Marion High School Hall of Distinction. (Click here for more information.)

During my time in Marion I have found the community is eager to be informed of results worthy of celebration. We have worked to restore community pride in our schools and to spread the word about the increasingly excellent opportunities available through Marion Community Schools. 

We have prioritized open and consistent communication with our staff, families and community. We provide weekly updates on the Giant Talk radio program, and there is always a steady stream of updates here on our website.

We consistently strive to place our students and families at the center of our efforts. We will continue to consistently champion Marion Community Schools so everyone understands the good and the compelling why of what is going on. We have seen families drawn to our schools because of this, reversing decades long steep decline in enrollment due to a declining population. 

During the past year, easily the most difficult of our collective experience, we have been out front in our community, providing constantly updated and relevant information to our community regarding the pandemic, how the schools were responding, and how we were committed to maintaining learning opportunities for our students throughout. 

Meeting the needs of students, staff, and families is our priority, and we will continue to engage our community to gauge the most pressing needs and how we can leverage our resources to meet them. 

I am proud of the way our school principals, district leadership, faculty and staff continuously step up to meet needs in our community. 

>> Click here to watch a video about some of the important community work we did in the summer of 2020, in the height of the pandemic

>> Click here to view our COVID information and resources overview 

And while these pandemic years have been extraordinary, this has been our philosophy every day: Consistent, truthful communication, focused on the team, day-in, day-out.

Here is an at-a-glance look at news links from recent months: 2020 and 2021

I consider it essential to cheer on and celebrate our students and staff and help create positive experiences and memories to last a lifetime, inspiring Marion Community Schools Giant Pride 365! I believe our best is yet to come!