Bus Rules and Consequences

(These rules are also available in the student handbook)

It is a privilege, not a right, for students to receive transportation provided by Marion Comm. Schools. If this privilege is abused, it may be suspended until some agreement of conduct on the part of the student is reached with the student, parent, and school. If the driver doesn't know the child's name or fails to acquire it, school personnel will be asked to meet the bus and assist in positive identification.

The school bus driver and bus aide are to have control and maintain discipline of all students transported to and from school.  School bus drivers and aides shall assure that the following regulations are observed by all students.

  1. Each student shall sit in the seat assigned by driver or aide.
  2. Loud, boisterous, or profane language and indecent conduct wil[ not be tolerated.
  3. Students shall not:
    1. Tease, harass, scuffle, trip, hold, hit, or use their hands, feet, or body in any indecent manner.
    2. Tamper with bus eqUipment. Windows or doors can be opened or closed only with the permission of the bus driver or aide. Students shall refrain from using emergency exits unless the situation warrants.
    3. Stand or move from seat to seat during the trip.
    4. Enter or [eave bus till it has come to a full stop and the door has been opened by the driver.
    5. Bring articles aboard the bus of injurious or objectionable nature. This includes any article or other devices that could be reasonably considered weapons. Anyone found possessing a firearm on Corporation premises, a school vehicle, or on property being used by the Corporation for school purposes may be charged with a felony.
    6. Bring skateboards or live animals on the bus.
    7. Hang out of the bus windows or put hands or arms out the window.
    8. Throw objects out of the window or on the bus.
    9. Smoke or light matches on the bus.
    10. Spit or litter on the bus.
    11. Vandalize the school bus or property at bus stops.
  4. Students getting off the bus shall move quickly away from the bus and cross the road in front of the bus when needed.
  5. Food or Drinks are not to be consumed while on the bus. (Exceptions will be made for pre-approved medical conditions)  Food and Drinks will be permitted on Charter Bus Trips. The Charter Adult will be responsible to help clean up bus.
  6. The student can be waiting at the bus stop five minutes prior to the time the school bus is scheduled to arrive.
  7. Laser lights are not allowed on the bus. These will be confiscated.
  8. A student suspended from a bus cannot ride another bus during the duration of the suspension.
  9. Students may possess, but not use, cell phones or other electronic devices on the bus. Cell phones and electronic devices must be on silent or vibrate mode while on the bus so as not to distract the driver or other students. Students who do not adhere to this policy may have items confiscated and could also be subjected to additional disciplinary consequences.

The following could take place if rules are not followed:

Limitations or Denial of School Bus Transportation Privileges

It is a privilege for students to receive transportation by a school bus in the Marion Community Schools. If this privilege is abused, steps will be taken - up to and including suspension - until some agreement on conduct on the part of the student is reached with the student, parent, or school. Listed below are the steps to be followed for action in the event of improper conduct by a student while a passenger on a school bus:

  1. The bus driver will complete the School Bus Conduct Report and provide it to the Supervisor of Transportation. The supervisor will review the report, sign it, and provide the form to the official responsible for discipline at the respective school, to inform the official of the need for action. If the driver does not know the child's name or fails to acquire it, school personnel will be asked to meet the bus and assist in positive identification.
  2. As soon as the official responsible for the discipline in the school receives the Bus Conduct Report, the official should make an investigation. The school official will then decide the level of referral based on the driver recommendation and the officials own decision. There are 5 different levels of referral that results in bus suspension that can be chosen based on the action reported:
    1. Loss of bus riding privilege in the afternoon only (transportation will still be provided in the morning)
    2. Loss of bus riding privilege for 3 days (morning and afternoon)
    3. Loss of bus riding privilege for 1 week (morning and afternoon)
    4. Loss of bus riding privilege for 2 weeks (morning and afternoon)
    5. Loss of bus riding privilege for the remainder of the year (morning and afternoon)

Depending on the severity of the offense, the above consequences may be waived and immediate removal from the bus may occur. The Supervisor of Transportation has the authority to expel a child from the bus on a morning run, providing the Supervisor has contacted the parent and the principal. If bus??riding privileges are limited or denied (as authorized above), the parent must be contacted prior to the action. The denial or limitation of privileges must be followed by a letter of explanation tot the parents. If an investigation finds the bus driver to be at fault, a written explanation must be sent to the Business Office and the Supervisor of Transportation by the appropriate school official. A copy of the letter to the parents should be sent to the Supervisor of Transportation.

REVISED: 10/19/2011