Business Office


The Business Office is located in the District Offices at Marion High School, 750 W. 26th St. (enter Door 22)

Contact us:

For information on the following, contact ...

  • Payroll: Business Office Specialist Angy Byer, ext. 8073
  • Vendor payments and purchasing: Accounts Payable Bookkeeper Donna Barnes, ext. 8072
  • Property and casualty insurance issues: CFO Troy Cloum, ext. 8071
  • Construction projects and building issues: Director of Operations David Khalouf, 674-6929
  • Other finance-related issues: CFO Troy Cloum, ext. 8071 
  • Food Service-related issues: Food Service Coordinator Teal Keenan (contact Food Service Bookkeeper Jeanie Warren, ext. 8025)
  • Employee Benefits: HR Benefits Specialist April Gambrel, ext. 8078 

Business Office extensions:

  • CFO Troy Cloum, ext. 8071
  • Teal Keenan, Food Service Coordinator (contact Food Service Bookkeeper Jeanie Warren, ext. 8025)
  • Robert Schultz, Financial Adviser, ext. 8070
  • Donna Barnes, Accounts Payable Bookkeeper, ext. 149
  • Angy Byer, Business Office Specialist / Payroll, ext. 8073
  • Cathy Griffin, Business Office Specialist, ext. 8074          
  • Diana Spitzer, Business Office Specialist, ext. 8075          
  • Jeanie Warren, Food Service Bookkeeper, ext. 8025

Online payments

School Payments: To pay for school textbook fees, textbook deposits, or miscellaneous school fees with a MasterCard/Visa/Discover card, please check back. We are transitioning to a new system and it is not currently available. (You can also pay by cash or check at your school office. See your building secretary/treasurer for more information.)  

Employee paystubs

>> Click here to access the online system to view your paystub

(For instructions on how to use this online system, click here. Please note you'll need to use your regular system login to view.)

Clock-in / clock-out change request form

If you need to request your clock-in / clock-out time be changed, click the link below for the form to fill out:

>> Click for Employee Time Modification Request form

School budget access on Gateway

The State of Indiana provides information on every school corporation’s budget plus other interesting and useful reports.

>> Click here to access reports on Gateway

To find Marion Community Schools budget information on that site:

1. Click on the large button called “Report search by address or tax unit”

2. Once that tab opens click on “Budgets” (there is also additional information located here)

3. Once the Budget section opens there are several options. The first one, “Budget Estimate – Financial Statement – Tax Rate,” is the most common and summarizes the budget. Click on that link.

4. To find the budget for Marion Community Schools use the scroll down menus to select (in this order):

     a. Year (scroll to the year you wish to see)

     b. County (scroll to Grant)

     c. Unit (scroll to Marion Community School Corporation)

     d. Then click “View report”

     e. Use the arrows to change pages


MCS annual financial report

>> Click here to view the calendar year 2020 report

2021 MCS capital projects and bus replacement plans

>> Click here to review the 2021 MCS capital projects plan 

>> Click here to review the 2021 MCS bus replacement plan 

2021 Excessive Transfers Report

>> Click here to view

School-based fundraisers

For a list of approved 2021-22 recurring fundraisers for all of Marion Community Schools, click here.