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Marion Community Schools

District Offices are inside Marion High School:
750 W. 26th St.
(enter at Door 22, west of main entrance)
Marion, IN 46953

Phone: (765) 662-2546
Fax: (765) 651-2043

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Contact a teacher

Parents are encouraged to contact their child’s teacher. You can call your school at the telephone numbers listed below, and you can also contact teachers by email. If you need a teacher's email address, please contact your school by phone or email to request that information. (Our online staff list is under construction!)

Please understand that teachers may be unable to speak with you if they have students, but will return your call or email as soon as possible.

Our schools


Little Giants Preschool

Office is located in the District Offices at Marion High School, 750 W. 26th St., Marion, IN 46953
Phone: (765) 662-2546 x.147

Little Giants Preschool Coordinator Kerri Wortinger

Director of Special Education Services Melissa Pogue


Allen Elementary School

1115 E. Bradford St. Marion, IN 46952
Phone: (765) 664-7355
Fax: (765) 651-2059

Principal: Ms. Jo Messner


Frances Slocum Elementary School

2909 S. Torrence St. Marion, IN 46953
Phone: (765) 664-0589
Fax: (765) 651-2061

Principal Dr. Gwen Lavert


Kendall Elementary School

2009 W. Kem Rd. Marion, IN 46952
Phone: (765) 662-7364
Fax: (765) 651-2093

Principal Ms. Olivia Wright


Riverview Elementary School

513 W. Buckingham Dr. Marion, IN 46952
Phone: (765) 662-2427
Fax: (765) 651-4665

Principal Ms. Ashlee Dixon


Justice Thurgood Marshall Intermediate School

720 N. Miller Ave. Marion, IN 46952
Phone: (765) 664-0507
Fax: (765) 651-2086

Principal Ms. Federa Smith


McCulloch Junior High School

3528 S. Washington St. Marion, IN 46953
Phone: (765) 674-6917
Fax: (765) 674-8943

Principal Ms. Stephanie Lockwood


Marion High School

750 W. 26th St. Marion, IN 46953
Phone: (765) 664-9051
Fax: (765) 651-2032

Principal Mr. Keith Burke


Marion Regional Career Center

located at Marion High School, 750 W. 26th St. (enter at Door 7 on east side of building) Marion, IN 46953
Phone: (765) 664-9091
Fax: (765) 651-2048

Contact Mr. Nate McNeely