COVID-19 update (2/3)

Publish Date: 02/04/2021

Marion Community Schools was informed Wednesday, Feb. 3, that a student who was last at Marion High School on Thursday, Jan. 28, has been diagnosed as COVID-19 positive.  In connection with this case, 1 other student was identified as a school related close contact and has been informed and instructed to quarantine. (Click here for current COVID-19 quarantine information.)

In addition, a staffer who was last at McCulloch Junior High School on Friday, Jan. 29, has been diagnosed as COVID-19 positive. In connection with this case, there were no school related closed contacts identified.

Close contact is defined by health officials as being within 6 feet for more than 15 minutes. Marion Community Schools uses class, bus, and lunchroom seating charts and other information in its contact tracing process. Health officials advise that contact tracing should focus on the 48 hours prior to the onset of symptoms or the positive test, whichever is earliest. 

If you have not been contacted, you were not identified as a close contact on a school campus, bus, and/or during a school activity.

Marion Community Schools will continue to work closely with the Grant County Health Department to monitor, verify, and communicate as needed.