District Staff

During the extended school closure by the governor's order to slow the spread of COVID-19, you can reach our staffers via email:  

Click the links below to view the staff lists for individual buildings:


District Staff

Superintendent's Office

Board of School Trustees

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Business Office

  • Troy Cloum, CFO, tcloum@marion.k12.in.us, ext. 8071
  • Dr. Robert Schultz, Financial Advisor - rschultz@marion.k12.in.us, ext. 8070
  • Kimberly Parker, Executive Assistant for Business Office and Grants, ext. 8079
  • Donna Barnes, Business Office Specialist / Accounts Payable, dbarnes@marion.k12.in.us, ext. 8072
  • Angy Byer, Business Office Specialist Payroll, abyer@marion.k12.in.us, ext. 8073
  • Cathy Griffin, Business Office Specialist, cgriffin@marion.k12.in.us, ext. 8074
  • Diana Spitzer, Business Office Specialist, dspitzer@marion.k12.in.us, ext.  8075


Development / Marketing / Sales

Facilities / Maintenance

You can reach this department by calling 765-674-6929.

Food Services

  • Teal Keenan, Coordinator, tkeenan@marion.k12.in.us, ext. 8026
  • Jeanie Warren, Bookkeeper, jwarren@marion.k12.in.us, ext. 8025



  • Sue Nicholson, District Head School Nurse, snicholson@marion.k12.in.us, ext. 8010

Human Resources

  • Robert Bannister, Director, rbannister@marion.k12.in.us, ext. 8076
  • Melissa Bryant, Executive Assistant for Personnel, mbryant@marion.k12.in.us, ext. 8077
  • April Gambrel, Benefits, agambrel@marion.k12.in.us, ext. 8078 

Instruction and Curriculum

  • Scott Hoeksema, Chief Technology & Academic Officer / testing and reporting coordinator, shoeksema@marion.k12.in.us, ext.  8041
  • Teneal Gardner, Coordinator, tgardner@marion.k12.in.us
  • Marcia Shepherd, Academic Specialist, mshepherd@marion.k12.in.us
  • Kristy Sisson, Academic Specialist, ksisson@marion.k12.in.us 
  • Laycee Bruner, Executive Assistant for Curriculum and Technology, lbruner@marion.k12.in.us, ext.  8040


  • Brian Sharp, Safety Director, bsharp@marion.k12.in.us, ext. 8090

Special Services

You can reach the Special Services Department at 662-2546 x. 8060, or reach individual staffers at the emails / extensions below.

  • Eleese Payne, Director of Special Services, epayne@marion.k12.in.us, ext. 8061
  • Carrie Wright, Assistant Director (preschool and elementary), cwright@marion.k12.in.us, ext. 8062
  • Traci Ford, Executive Assistant, tford@marion.k12.in.us, ext. 8060
  • Amy Clark, District Office Receptionist / Scheduler, aclark@marion.k12.in.us, ext. 8001
  • Carie Montgomery, Special Projects Clerk, cmontgomery@marion.k12.in.us
  • Carina Swanner, Academic Diagnostician / Parent Referral Coordinator, ccastillo@marion.k12.in.us, ext. 8063
  • Emmie Schultz, Speech & Language Pathologist, eschultz@marion.k12.in.us 
  • Gabriella Boudra, Speech & Language Pathologist, gboudra@marion.k12.in.us

Student and Family Services


You can reach the District Technology Department at 765-662-2546, ext. 8040, or reach individual staffers at the emails below.

  • Tech Support Hotline, ext.  8051
  • Scott Hoeksema, Chief Technology & Academic Officer, shoeksema@marion.k12.in.us, ext.  8041
  • Laycee Bruner, Executive Assistant for Curriculum and Technology, lbruner@marion.k12.in.us, ext. 8040
  • Jason Stepp, Director of User Experience, jstepp@marion.k12.in.us, ext.  8043 
  • Dennis Harvey, Systems Administrator, dharvey@marion.k12.in.us, ext.  8042 
  • Jason Garcia, Technology Support Specialist, jgarcia@marion.k12.in.us, ext. 8048
  • Wesley Courtney, Computer Technician, wcourtney@marion.k12.in.us
  • Nick Furnish, Computer Technician, nfurnish@marion.k12.in.us, ext.  8044
  • Amy Miles, Computer Technician, amiles@marion.k12.in.us, ext. 8045


You can reach the Transportation Department at 765-664-4237 or 765-651-2091, or reach individual staffers at the emails below.