District Staff

During the extended school closure by the governor's order to slow the spread of COVID-19, you can reach our staffers via email:  

Click the links below to view the staff lists for individual buildings:


District Staff

Superintendent's Office

Board of School Trustees

>> Click here for Board member information

Business Office


Development / Marketing / Sales

Diversity / Inclusion

Facilities / Maintenance

You can reach this department by calling 765-674-6929.

Food Services



Human Resources

Instruction and Curriculum

  • Scott Hoeksema, Chief Technology & Academic Officer / testing and reporting coordinator, shoeksema@marion.k12.in.us, 765-664-9051, ext. 2119
  • Laycee Bruner, Executive Assistant for Curriculum and Technology, lbruner@marion.k12.in.us, 662-2546 ext. 122


Special Services

You can reach the Special Services Department at 662-2546 x. 139, or reach individual staffers at the emails / extensions below.


You can reach the District Technology Department at 765-662-2546, ext. 122, or reach individual staffers at the emails below.


You can reach the Transportation Department at 765-664-4237 or 765-651-2091, or reach individual staffers at the emails below.