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Indoor Air Quality

Please contact MCS Indoor Air Quality Coordinator:

Director of Operations David Khalouf, 765-674-6929 or dkhalouf@marion.k12.in.us


AHERA - Asbestos Notification

In accordance with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s AHERA Standard (ref: 40 CFR 763.80), all information concerning asbestos-containing materials in Marion Community Schools buildings is available for review and copying by students, staff, and parents/guardians during normal office hours in the main office at each school or at the MCS District Offices at Marion High School, 750 W. 26th St.


Pesticide Use and Notification Registry

During the non-winter months lawn pesticide use is a normal activity at Marion Community Schools to provide fertilization and weed control to lawns surrounding our buildings as well as our athletic fields.  The chemicals used to treat these areas are the same as is used in residential lawn care.  In almost all cases, the treatments of lawns will take place in the evenings or on weekends after the students have left to insure that students will not walk through treated areas for a minimum of 4 hours after treatment.  The school building affected will be notified of the planned treatment a minimum of 48 hours prior to the treatment. 

If you would like to be provided with this notification, please contact your building principal to be placed on the notification list.