Health Information


If your student is experiencing symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or fever, they should not be in school. Students can return once they are symptom-free without medication for 24 hours. Other guidelines put in place to reduce the spread of certain illnesses may add to the list of symptoms that require students to stay home. Marion Community Schools will communicate any additional health guidelines to families as needed.


A student who becomes ill during the school day should report to the school nurse. In a non-emergency situation, students should abide by school building requirements on when a hall pass is required, including passes to visit the nurse.

If the student needs to go home because of his or her illness, the nurse will contact the parent/guardian, and the student will be released from school by the nurse (who will inform the Attendance Office). 

Please ensure that your school office has a current telephone number on file so that we can reach you in the event that your student is ill.


By state law, all students must be properly immunized in order to enroll in school. State law requires written medical evidence of immunization of specific contagious illnesses that are a public health concern. Click here for current Indiana State Department of Health's immunization requirements. Please contact your school nurse if you have questions about how to provide proof of your student's immunizations. (Click here for contact information.)


No medication shall be administered to a student without the written and dated consent of the student's parent and, in the case of prescription medication, a doctor’s prescription. Please contact your school nurse with questions. (Click here for contact information.) For more information, please see the Health section of your school's current Student Handbook.


By state law (IC 20-34-3), public schools are required to provide periodic vision and hearing tests for students. Parents are informed via letter if potential problems are discovered during these screenings. Please contact your school nurse with questions. (Click here for contact information.)