IDOE awards STEM Acceleration Grant to Marion Community Schools

Publish Date: 06/26/2020

Marion Community Schools has earned a STEM Acceleration Grant from the Indiana Department of Education.

This $75,000 grant will help provide additional and enhanced STEM opportunities for Marion students. This year, STEM programming will be expanded specifically for our middle grades students, at Justice Thurgood Marshall Intermediate School and McCulloch Junior High School.

>> Listen to MJH Principal Stephanie Lockwood talk with WBAT about the IDOE STEM Acceleration Grant 

Marion Community Schools plans to continue to bolster STEM opportunities at all grade levels moving forward. Involvement in STEM education in grades PreK-12 will align with growing career pathways, STEM classes, and after school programs already offered at Marion High School.    

“Now more than ever we can see the importance of scientific decision making and technological innovation,” said Scott Hoeksema, Marion Community Schools Chief Technology and Academic Officer. “We believe it is essential that every student have access to high-quality STEM education, to help build a brighter future for us all.” 
Stephanie Lockwood, principal of Justice Intermediate and McCulloch Junior High, said STEM education has positive effects far beyond the subjects themselves.

“We know that STEM education plays a fundamental role in building a strong foundation for lifelong learning. It can facilitate development of language and critical thinking skills. It can encourage self-discovery as well as independent and collaborative work. It enables the next generation of innovators. In addition, STEM education can help bridge the ethnic and gender gaps often found in math and science fields.”

Marion Community Schools is grateful to the IDOE for helping us fulfill our vision for excellent education for all students.