ISTEP+ scores now available to parents

Publish Date: 01/15/2014
Parents can now access ISTEP+ scoring reports for last school year's test.

To access their student's scores from Spring 2013, parents should log on to the state Department of Education's Indiana Parent Network.

Parents who have forgotten their username or password can retrieve those through the Parent Network website above. Those who have never created an account should watch their mail in the next few days, as Marion Community Schools will be sending letters to parents with Invitation Codes needed for that registration process. Parents who need further information should contact their child's school. (Click here for contact information for all MCS schools.)

Parents can also request a rescore of open-ended items/essay for English/language arts, mathematics and social studies portions of the test. Those requests must be made before Sept. 30. More information is available to parents through the Parent Network website.

A wider view of performance data by grade level is to be released by the DOE later this month. The individual student data available now is only for parents’ review, not for the general public.