Body Safety program is coming to Kendall

Publish Date: 02/03/2015
Marion Community Schools periodically brings in educational programs for students aimed at helping them stay safe. One such program is the Body Safety program, which provides young people with age-appropriate information to empower them to take control of their own body and safety. This month, our students here at Kendall will hear a special presentation from retired police officer Sgt. Terry Hall, a renowned expert in child safety. Topics of this special presentation will include respecting yourself and others; what molestation is, and how to say "no"; using anatomically correct words to describe body parts (which can deter molesters); and what to do if molestation has happened to you or someone you know. Students will also be given the opportunity to talk with school staff and other child protection professionals after the presentation on Wednesday, Feb. 18.

A parent information session will also be offered before the presentation for students. If you have concerns or questions, we encourage you to attend this information session, set for 6 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 17, here at Kendall.

(This program is scheduled this year only at Allen and Kendall elementary schools. Sgt. Hall is in high demand throughout the state, so scheduling this program in a way that works for all involved parties can be a challenge! We hope to bring him back to other schools in the future.)