Marion High School earns AP Diversity Award

Publish Date: 03/01/2021

Marion High School is honored to be a recipient of College Board AP Computer Science Female Diversity Award.

This award recognizes schools who expanded young women’s access to the Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles course in the 2019-20 school year.

“Whether it’s 3-D animation, engineering, music, app development, medicine, visual design, robotics, or political analysis, computer science is the engine that powers the technology, productivity, and innovation that drive the world,” the College Board says on its website. “Computer science experience has become imperative for students’ success in the workforce of tomorrow.”

Black, Hispanic, and female students have been underrepresented in computer science courses, majors, and careers for decades. The AP CSP course focuses on foundational computing skills and is designed to help create leaders in computer science fields, and to attract and engage students from those underrepresented groups. Four years after the College Board launched the AP CSP course, research shows it is doing just that.

A greater proportion of students who take AP CSP are female, Hispanic or Black, and AP CSP students are more likely to declare computer science and STEM majors in college. AP CSP serves as the entryway into STEM for many students. In the class of 2019, AP CSP was the first AP STEM course for more than half of Black students (68%) and Hispanic students (59%) taking AP courses.

Marion High School is proud to currently offer 43 different Advanced Placement courses to students. Every year, dozens of MHS students earn AP Scholar honors, which recognize cumulative excellent performance on multiple Advanced Placement tests throughout their high school career. These achievements put MHS well ahead of the state and national mean scores on AP test scores in several subjects.

Since 1955, the rigorous Advanced Placement Program has enabled millions of students to take college-level courses and exams and to earn college credit or placement while still in high school. According to a study cited on the AP Program’s website, AP students have better four-year college graduation rates than those who did not take AP. Taking AP also increases eligibility for scholarships and makes candidates more attractive to colleges.

Marion Community Schools is proud of the early college opportunities Marion High School offers to our students, including AP courses, dual credit courses, and more. For information about how your high school student can take advantage of these early college credit opportunities and other outstanding options at Marion High School, check out the enrollment section of our website.