MJH online students: Sign up for NWEA testing by 1/12

Publish Date: 01/08/2021

It is almost time for the second round of NWEA at McCulloch Junior High School during the 2020-2021 school year. It is extremely important for us to pattern this round of testing on the state testing that will happen in the spring. Because of this, we are asking our virtual students (Giant Online Academy) to come into the building for testing, which will be conducted Jan. 11 through 22. 

Families with Giant Online Academy students: You will need to sign your student up for NWEA test times by Jan. 12. ONLY GOA students need to sign up for a testing time in this way. Onsite students will take their tests during their regular school day. 

>> Click here to sign up for a time for your student to test

You will sign up for one math testing time, and one reading time. Each testing period is set for 2 hours. Options are listed in the form above.

Please remember that though NWEA testing is not given for a grade, it is imperative for students to take the assessment with the same dedication and integrity as they would in a classroom setting. NWEA tests allow teachers to find out what students really know and where they are academically to best prepare students for growth and

Students will be tested in a clean environment and will be required to adhere to social distancing guidelines. Masks are required throughout the entire examination. Please contact the school office with any questions or concerns.