MCS announces revised calendar for rest of this school year

Publish Date: 04/15/2020

Marion Community Schools has created a revised calendar for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year, in accordance with instructions from Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb and the Indiana Department of Education.

>> Click here to view the revised 2019-20 calendar:  in English   or   en español

With schools closed across the state for the rest of the school year to help slow the spread of COVID-19, the governor and the IDOE issued specific requirements for tracking student days. This new calendar meets the state’s requirements.

This revised calendar does not alter the number of contracted teacher or administrator days, but it does shorten the student year. On the revised calendar, the last tracked student day of the school year will now be May 14, and certain days are marked waiver days. 

This meets the state’s requirements for tracking student days, but it does not dictate when families can or cannot access our resources or reach out to teachers and principals. Marion Community Schools will continue to offer a wide variety of enhanced and blended learning opportunities to families. Teachers and principals will continue to reach out to families and be available to discuss needs of individual students and families.

Marion Community Schools has also submitted a continuous learning plan to the IDOE per their requirements. 

>> Click here to view the MCS Continuous Learning Plan



What is a waiver day?

Moving forward, on days marked waiver days we are asking our staff to focus on professional training and development, planning for continued remote learning opportunities through the summer, and planning for next school year to make it the best year yet! For families, please know that if you need to reach out to your principal or teacher on a waiver day, please do so. 


What about food distribution?

Marion Community Schools plans to continue its weekly food distribution throughout the rest of this shortened school year and into the summer. We will continue to provide updates as needed.


What about learning resources?

We also plan to continue to provide our online resources and paper learning packets through the shortened school year. In general, these activities are strongly recommended, though not required, although high school credit classes, dual credit classes, and AP classes may have specific requirements.

If you have questions about your specific student’s needs and options, please reach out directly to your teacher and/or principal. Staff emails are listed on our website:


What about grade advancement?

In general, students who were on track to advance to the next grade level for the 2020-21 school year will still do so. However, if you have questions regarding your specific student’s progress, please reach out to your principal by email: When we are able to restart classes, we will as always meet students where they are and help them grow from there.


What about summer school?

We are making plans for enhanced and blended learning options through the summer as well, and will provide details as those plans are solidified.


What about graduation?

Marion High School is in the process of planning a virtual commencement ceremony on May 31. More details will be provided as those plans are solidified. We are also tentatively planning a more traditional in-person ceremony for Sept. 20, dependent on the advice of health officials at that time.