MHS named Indiana AP program’s Affiliate of the Year

Publish Date: 11/06/2020

Marion High School is proud to be the AP-TIP IN Affiliate of the Year!

Since 2012 the Advanced Placement Teacher Investment Program for Indiana (AP-TIP IN) has worked with participating Indiana public high schools to improve college and career readiness for students by engaging them in rigorous math, science, and English coursework. It aims to increase the enrollment in AP classes at participating schools, and to increase the number of students passing the corresponding tests. The program also delivers high-quality professional development to teachers at participating schools.  

“It is an honor to be named for this AP award,” said Marion High School English teacher Terry Lakes. “This award is a culmination of the hard work, daily efforts, and dedication not only by our AP teachers but also by our AP students. This award is just an affirmation of the quality instruction and education that Marion High School provides for its students. I'm so proud of our teachers, administrators and students: Great job!”

The honor was awarded Nov. 6 in a recorded ceremony. 

MHS students consistently outperform state and global averages on Advanced Placement tests, and several students every year earn AP Scholar honors.

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MHS Principal Keith Burke said the honor reflected the excellence of the school’s staff and students.

“I am proud of our teachers and students for their hard work,” Burke said. “This is a tremendous honor, and we would like to thank AP-TIP IN for their recognition and support of our Giant family.”

Marion High School math teacher Doug Porter emphasized that this honor meant even more this year, when students and teachers transitioned to distance learning in the spring.

"Congratulations to the students and teachers at Marion High School who worked so hard this past spring to prepare for these AP tests only through virtual learning from home and with no in-class review. Thank you to the Marion administration and AP-TIP IN staff for providing the encouragement and resources that we as teachers needed to be successful," he said.

Marion High School science teacher Kristi Phillippe said it takes dedication and work to stay successful as an Advanced Placement teacher, and to provide students with such a high level of instruction. She credits the AP-TIP IN program with helping her continue to meet these challenges.

“I have been teaching AP Biology since 2007, but the AP-TIP IN partnership has provided me with training and resources and a support network that have been key to developing as an AP teacher. It has also provided me with opportunities to serve in leadership capacities,” said MHS science teacher Kristi Phillippe, adding: “As I grow, my students reap the benefits.” 

Marion Community Schools Superintendent Dr. Brad Lindsay noted that this recognition honors the entire school system.

“High school is the culmination of the preschool to 12th grade journey. This is a victory for all of us!” Dr. Lindsay said. “Our students’ hard work and achievement, led by the dedication and excellence of our professional educators, earned this honor. We are so proud to be named the 2020 Advanced Placement state champions!”

AP-TIP IN is administered by the University of Notre Dame's Institute for Educational Initiatives, with support from the National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI), the US Department of Education, the University of Notre Dame, and the Indiana State Department of Education. 

After participation in the initial two-year program, schools can continue to remain in the program as affiliate schools. Marion High School was part of AP-TIP IN cohort 5 selected for the 2018-19 school year, and is now an affiliate school.