Can my child call me when they are sick to be picked up/drive home? No, students MUST go through the school nurse. The nurse will contact you if your child needs to be picked up. If your child drives to school the school nurse will also contact you so you are aware that your child is ill and is getting sent home for the day. PLEASE REMEMBER IF YOUR CHILD DOES NOT GO THROUGH THE SCHOOL NURSE AND YOUR CHILD DIRECTLY CONTACTS YOU; IT WILL BE COUNTED AS AN UNEXCUSED ABSENCE. 

What is the attendance rate for seniors to participate in graduation? Senior students MUST have 90% or above attendance rate to participate/walk at graduation.

Why does my child show "truant" under attendance? If your child has missed school and you have not contacted the attendance office to report the absence, your child will be marked UNVERIFIED. All UNVERIFIED absences become TRUANCIES after 6 days.

Parents please remember to contact the attendance office when your child will be out. Call us at 765-664-9051.

The attendance office would also greatly appreciate your help to see that your child arrives at school on time. Click here for the daily schedule.

If you call the attendance office and let us know that you need to pick up your child/children at a certain time, we will have them ready for you. Students can be picked up at the main front doors of MHS. Call us at 765-664-9051.