FAFSA Lab & 21st Century Scholar affirmation meeting TOMORROW (2/11)

Publish Date: 01/28/2016
Originally posted Jan. 29, 2016

Reminder to all seniors: Marion High School's annual FAFSA Lab is coming up THIS THURSDAY (2/11)!

Staff and volunteers from Project Leadership and The National Center for College Costs will be available on Thursday, Feb. 11, to assist seniors and their families with the Free Application for Federal Aid (FAFSA). Seniors will visit the lab during their English class, but parents/guardians are also welcome to join their student any time during the day. Just stop in the main office and they will direct you to the appropriate computer lab.

The FAFSA Lab will be open after school as well, through 7 p.m., in Room 2-10. 

Students and families who complete the FAFSA during the lab will receive a personalized consultation reviewing their FAFSA information and what it means in terms of college financial aid and costs.

FSA ID - Get yours BEFORE the FAFSA Lab

The FAFSA process now requires an FSA ID for the student and parent. We are strongly urging our students and parents to create this ahead of time, as the process can take up to half an hour, and we don't want you to lose that time with our experts and their valuable knowledge! (This ID is more secure than the previous PIN process, but it does take a little extra time.) 

>> CLICK HERE for information on how to create your FSA ID. Please do so before the FAFSA Lab on Feb. 11!

There is other information that you will also need to have on hand to complete the FAFSA. The MHS Guidance Department will be sending home orange FAFSA folders to students during their senior English class Friday, Jan. 29, and Monday, Feb. 1. The folder contains information on how to file the FAFSA, but it also should serve as a place to organize all of your necessary information. Students should bring this folder (filled with all of that necessary information) with them to school on Feb. 11 for the FAFSA Lab.

Filing deadline for state (and some college) financial aid is MARCH 10

To be eligible for financial aid from Indiana and many colleges, you must file the FAFSA by March 10.

You do not have to have your tax return completed in order to file the FAFSA; you can complete it now using last year's tax information, or an estimate for this year. If you then file your tax return a week or two prior to submitting the FAFSA, you will have the option of connecting your tax information to the FAFSA form automatically.

I'm not going to college - why should I file?

Students who may not be considering attending college right after high school should still submit a FAFSA as plans can change between March 10 and next fall! This is especially true for any student who is a 21st Century Scholar. Scholars do not have to use the scholarship the first year out of high school but they MUST file a FAFSA this year in order to be eligible for the scholarship the following year. 

21st Century Scholars: You can also complete your affirmation Thursday evening!

In addition to filing a FAFSA, those seniors who are 21st Century Scholars must complete the affirmation process in order to be eligible for the scholarship. Project Leadership will also be conducting an affirmation meeting in the MHS cafeteria on Thursday, Feb. 11, at 5 p.m. All 21st Century Scholars and their parents/guardians are encouraged to attend. The affirmation meeting will take about an hour, which means you will still have time to get into the FAFSA lab after the meeting. This a great opportunity to get two steps closer to eligibility for this scholarship. You MUST complete the FAFSA and the affirmation process to be eligible.


If you have questions or need more information, please contact the Marion High School Guidance Department, 664-9051.