Guidance Department: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll if I am a new student?

New students need to come in with their parent/guardian if they are not 18 and complete our online registration. Our guidance secretary will then fax your previous school for records. Once records are received, we will contact you and set up a time for you to meet with your counselor and complete the enrollment process. 

What is the procedure for withdrawing from Marion High School?

Students need to come in with their parent/guardian if they are not 18 and sign Marion High School’s withdrawal paperwork. At that time, once the packet is completed, the student must turn in all books and uniforms as well pay all book fees.

What support services are available?

We provide services to students regarding academic, personal/social, career, college preparation, testing, and facilitate communication between students, parents, teachers, and administrators throughout the student’s high school experience. We also offer some group opportunities such as: Making Choices Support Group through Family Services, Prenatal and Parenting Group through Carey Services. Students should speak with their counselor if interested in learning more about participation.   


How do students see a counselor?

Students needing to talk to a counselor should fill out a pass in Student Services. Students will be sent a pass to come to Student Services at a later date. Students will be seen as soon as possible.


How can a student receive a copy of his/her transcript?

Please click here for information about transcripts.

Does Marion High School offer tutoring?

There are several tutoring options offered here at the school. Students should contact their guidance counselor for more information.

Students can also contact the homework hotline. This is a free service that offers students math and science help for grades 6-12. You can contact them by calling 1-877-ASK-ROSE (1-877-275-7673) or going to their website:

When will report cards be issued?

Typically report cards will be passed out to students the Friday after each quarter ends. 

How can teachers be reached?

Teachers may be reached by phone at 765-664-9051 or by email. Staff email addresses can be found in our Staff Directory.

How do students register for the SAT or ACT?

Students can register for the SAT, find test dates and locations by going to Please remember, students must upload a photo to the website to be admitted to the test. If you have questions, please see your guidance counselor. 

Students can register for the ACT, find test dates and locations by going to

Fee Waivers: Students who receive free or reduced lunch, reside in a foster home, or are 21st Century Scholars are eligible for a fee waiver for the SAT and ACT. Students are only given two fee waivers per test (one ACT waiver and one SAT waiver for junior year, and one of both for senior year.) Students can receive a fee waiver from their guidance counselor, but these fee waivers do not cover late fees. Fee waivers are given on a first-come, first-served basis. Funds are limited, and once they have been exhausted, requests for waivers will be denied. 

How does a student get his/her locker combination?

Students can obtain this information from Student Services.

How does a student get his/her network log-in information?

Students can obtain this information from Student Services.

Are schedule changes permitted?

Every attempt will be made to accommodate each student’s request of courses for his/her schedule. However, there are times when every selection cannot be accommodated due to the number of available sections in a given course or periods offering those courses and other courses may be substituted to fulfill graduation requirements.

Valid reasons for changing a course:

  • Schedule conflict
  • Physical inability to take a class due to accident or illness
  • A faculty member may initiate a change if, in the opinion of the faculty member, a student is inappropriately placed
  • Extenuating circumstances

Requests that will not be honored include:

  • Teacher Preference
  • Period Preference

Students must pick up the Course Change form from their guidance counselor and discuss the reason(s) for the request.

Drop/Add timetable:

  • Week 1 – No record or grade
  • Week 2 THROUGH first midterm – Grade of “W” with no effect on GPA
  • After first midterm – “WF” – withdraw/fail, counts as a F on GPA

For all requests initiated after week one, student will only be allowed to add a study hall or take credit recovery in place of dropped class.

Students enrolling in year-long courses are expected to remain in those courses for the entire year unless there is a clear indication that the student is failing the course at the end of the semester and the teacher recommends that the student not continue.

How do students get a work permit?

To obtain a work permit, students should bring the paper slip from their employer, along with a copy of their birth certificate, to Student Services.

How can my student take advantage of advanced college credit / AP / dual credit opportunities at Marion High School?

There are many ways for students to take advantage of the advanced college credit opportunities at Marion High School. Click here to learn more.