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Academic Giants Coordinators

Ms. Phillippe is the coordinator for the Academic Giants. Several competitive teams fall under the umbrella of Academic Giants, including Quiz Bowl and Spell Bowl (fall season), and Academic Super Bowl (spring season).  

Beyond the regular Academic Giants competition seasons, students can also pursue other opportunities to participate in various competitions throughout the year, including online and university-sponsored math competitions, and the annual Mu Alpha Theta summer competition and convention.

In general, all students are welcome to try out for these competitive teams, though there may be specific academic requirements. There also may be competition fees for some events. The Academic Giants conduct fundraisers to cover competition fees. For more information on specific opportunities, use the email links below to reach out to team sponsors. 


Quiz Bowl

Quiz Bowl is a team where students can sharpen their minds and memory in wide variety of subjects. Sponsors are Mr. Tippey and Ms. Phillippe, both science teachers here at MHS.  

Competitions involve answering questions as accurately and quickly as possible.The MHS team competes in 12 quiz competitions against other schools in East Central Indiana, and it also takes part in the state Quiz Bowl meet. Practices are usually held once a week at 7:45 a.m. in Room 1-31. Students wanting to join must be prompt and consistent in attendance, practices, and competitions.

There is a varsity and reserve team, and students have a chance to serve as a captain for one of them.

So if you want to be a part of this great team, contact Ms. Phillippe or Mr. Tippey!

Spell Bowl

Academic Spell Bowl is a competitive club that studies more than 3,000 words for competitions! It helps students to improve their spelling skills, increase vocabulary, and to prepare for the SAT. Ms. Holland is the sponsor of this club.

Stop by Room 2-48 and speak with her for more information, or email her at


English Academic Team (Super Bowl)

The English Academic Team is a great way to gain a deeper understanding of literature. This team offers students the chance to reach a higher level of analysis, and it helps them prepare for college.

Being a part of this team shows that you are willing to work hard and aim high for academic achievements.

Several competitions take place in the spring semester. If the team wins consistently, then they have the opportunity to attend regional and state competitions.

There are also leadership opportunities to be the team's captain. This position collaborates with the coach to prepare the team for competitions.

Fees for the English Academic team go for traveling to competitions and are paid by their program. The only fee students have to pay is for joining and dinner during the competitions

Beginning in November, the team meets once a week for about an hour in Lab 2-39. 

To get involved you need to have passion and skill for analyzing literature. You will read several interesting texts and prepare for challenging questions at competition.

So having the urge to join? Ms. Wierenga would love to have you! For more information, contact Ms. Wierenga.

Math Academic Team (Super Bowl and more)

Come be a part of the Giants Math Academic team! MHS math teacher Mr. Porter is in charge of this team, which offers great opportunities for students here at MHS to work together and to apply mathematical skills in a competitive form.

This team also helps with students who are considering a career in math. There are also leadership opportunities to be team captain!

The Math Academic Team participates in competitions at Rose-Hulman University, Trine University, and Huntington University, with students from around the sate. In 2015-16, the team finished third at Rose-Hulman and Trine, and second at Huntington. Also in 2015-16, the team participated on the Interstellar online competition.

The Academic Giants raise funds to cover competition fees. Student participation in these fundraisers is essential, so students don't have to provide these funds themselves.

Meetings for the Math Academic Team start in December or January, and after that the team meets once a week to prepare for the Academic Super Bowl season. These meetings will be focused on practice sample questions and discussion of math topics that will show up in competition.
So if solving equations is your skill, then you must come be a part of the Math Academic Team! Talk to Mr. Porter about joining, meeting times, or for more opportunities, or email him at

Science Academic Team (Super Bowl)

Are you a fan of science at MHS? Become involved with the Science Academic team, sponsored by some of our MHS science teachers.

If you’re looking for a career in science, then what better way but to join this team! It will help you excel in science and be on track for a bright future ahead. This even includes a spot to have leadership such as the team captain.

The main purpose of this team is to study science and to prepare for Academic Giants competitions. The competitions take place during spring semester. The team usually meets once a week before school starts.

If interested contact Mr. Maki for more scientific questions!

Social Studies Academic Team (Super Bowl)

Fascinated by our world's history, or wanting to know more about it? This teams  focuses on social studies and competes in competition against other schools.

One of the best parts of this team is that it helps students who like to be competitive in academic skills. It also helps students develop study strategies that will be beneficial later on in their higher education.  

Several competitions take place in the spring. The team meets once a week in Room 2-33 to study the material that will be covered in competitions. 

Students also have the opportunity to be a team captain, an important leadership role. The team captain is the ultimate decision-maker on which answers to give during competitions, and also works to keep team members focused.

If you want to get involved, you must come to scheduled practices.

If you have any questions or want to know more details about the team, talk to team sponsor Mr. Smith, or email him at