JROTC Class Description

What Happens in the Class

In class, the cadets are taught leadership and self discipline.

The mission of JROTC is to motivate young people to become better citizens. 

The class is excellent for teaching shy teenagers how to be more outgoing. It is an excellent place to make friends.

The cadets will have the chance to get promoted to new ranks and be given positions of leadership.

The class is run by Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) David Farlow and Command Sergeant Major (Retired) Jon Smith.


The class began in 1916 when Congress passed the National Defense Act. Statistically, in schools with a JROTC program:

  • Attendance is up 3 percent
  • Graduation is up 9 percent
  • Suspension, expulsion, detention, ISS, and other disciplinary issues are down 10 percent
  • Drop outs down 2 percent
  • Test scores and GPA up 2%.