MHS Staff

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You can reach Marion High School staffers by calling the school, 765-664-9051, or at the emails and phone extensions below. Teachers may not be available during school hours. See our contact page for more information about contacting teachers.


Office Staff

  • Stacy Bass, Executive Assistant to the Principal,, 765-664-9051 ext. 7001
  • Derek Wright, Visitor Management Secretary, 
  • Lindsay Reel, Attendance / Discipline Secretary,, 765-664-9051 ext. 7002 
  • Jessica Craig, School Treasurer / Bookkeeper,, 765-664-9051 ext. 7003

Instructional Support

Student Support

Student Services / School Counseling Department

  • Kayla Gay, Director of Counseling, 11th grade and 12th grade last names A-I,, 765-664-9051 ext. 7023
  • Tonya Bishop, 10th grade and 12th grade last names Q-Z,, 765-664-9051 ext. 7022
  • Kelly Myers, 9th grade and 12th grade last names J-P,, 765-664-9051 ext. 7021
  • Mariann Pearcy,, 765-664-9051, ext. 7024 (limited hours)
  • Heather Turney, Registrar and Student Services Secretary,, 765-664-9051 ext. 7004

Social/Emotional Learning Support

PBIS / Discipline

Academic Support

Department: Art / Music / Theater

Department: Business

Department: English / Language Arts

Department: Family and Consumer Sciences

Department: Math

Department: Physical Education

Department: Science

Department: Social Studies

Department: Special Services

Department: World Languages


Library / Media Center



>> You can also reach the Athletic Department directly by calling 765-664-2941


Support Staff