Morning drop-off instructions for car-riders

Publish Date: 09/01/2021

Marion High School families: Please do not use the west circle drive that is accessed from Carey Street to drop off your students in the morning. 

All car-riders dropped off at Marion High School should enter through the main entrance (Door 1), and you may drop them off using the east circle drive that you can access of off 26th Street.

This request is especially important now, as we have a construction project starting that will reconfigure the entrance at Door 22, on the west side of the building where the District Offices are located. This project will improve safety of our students and staff. But because it will narrow the hallway temporarily, the area will be more clogged than usual during morning arrival. The only students who should be using the Door 22 entrance is those being dropped off by the life skills bus. 

For all other students being dropped off by car in the morning, please use the east circle drive off of 26th Street.