Mu Alpha Theta

Lover of equations, pi, and competitions? Hurry and come be a part of the Mu Alpha Theta National Mathematics Honor Society! This is sponsored by Mr. Porter, who teaches various math classes at MHS. Mu Alpha Theta not only promotes enjoyment of math to our students, but to help them excel in it.

Activities include a pumpkin carving contest, pie eating contest on Pi day, and many other fun activities. If you’re more on the competitive side, you have the chance to participate in several competitions.

This group organizes Theta Potata and a Euchre Tournament, which help fund activities, senior medals, and expenses for the national convention and competition that they travel to over the summer.

To become a member, you must fill out an application in the fall. There is usually one meeting or activity each month, either in Mr. Porter's classroom or the cafeteria.

If you want to know more info on Mu Alpha Theta, talk to Mr. Porter, or email him at


Mu Alpha Theta annual convention and competition

The MHS chapter of Mu Alpha Theta National Mathematics Honor Society has participated in the national convention and competition for several years, and has even had a member be elected a national officer. They are able to visit a different city each year, and often are housed on a college campus for the convention. This is an invaluable opportunity for our students, helping prepare them for life after high school, and broadening their horizons!

Fundraisers are held throughout the year to help with the cost of registration and travel. If you are interested in going to the summer convention and competition, or interested in helping provide the funds for students, please see Mr. Porter!