Student Senate

Be a school LEADER!

MHS Student Senate is a great club to join if you like to build and lead school spirit and actively contribute to school-initiated activities and community service.

Student Senate is open to students in all grades at MHS (9 through 12); those who want to participate must fill out an application at the beginning of each school year. Once your application is approved, you are required to attend meetings and be involved in club activities. We elect officers for each grade and school-wide each year as soon as active members are established.

Activities include planning spirit weeks, canned food drive, Pennies for Patients drive, having an annual spring Senior Citizens Prom for the community, along with fundraisers. Community donations are raised to be able to put on the Senior Citizens Prom, along with student contributions of two bingo prizes. Fundraising supports Homecoming and Snowcoming weeks, as well as other activities throughout the year.

Meetings are held weekly or monthly as needed. Activities and requirements are discussed, and jobs are assigned. Participation is mandatory, and leadership opportunities are encouraged.

Who can join: Open to all MHS students.

How to join: Contact sponsor Staici Batchelor,