MRCC students place in top five at Purdue U. cybersecurity competition

Publish Date: 11/25/2019

Students from Marion Regional Career Center’s award-winning Cybersecurity and Information Technology Academy recently placed in the top five in a cybersecurity competition at Purdue University.

Four MRCC students, Hunter Butz, Tyler Hunter, Robert Smith, and Jack White, traveled to Purdue’s West Lafayette campus for the cybersecurity encounters workshop and challenge. During the workshop students learned different aspects of cybersecurity, including virtualization, web vulnerability challenges, forensics, and they participated in different cybersecurity challenges.

“I was excited to be able to travel with this group of young people and participate in such a prestigious program at the world-famous Purdue Polytechnic Institute” said Dr. Travis Hueston, instructor for the MRCC Cybersecurity and IT Academy. “These types of events are at the forefront of the innovation that I try to offer students in my program. By 2022, there will be a shortfall of 3.5 million people with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to prepare for and respond to the new cybersecurity world. We must provide this generation with all the skills needed to meet this growing demand to combat the many unforeseen challenges that we will no doubt face in the coming years. This is the first type of event like this that we have done and the students had a blast.”

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