Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll in an MRCC class?
Pick up an MRCC “Student Enrollment Form” from the MRCC office or a counselor at your home high school. Complete the form and return it either to MRCC (at Marion High School) or a counselor at your home school. You can also complete the application online here.

When should I sign up for a class?
Students should sign up for an MRCC class when they visit MRCC or when they make out their schedule for the next year at their home school. This typically happens between December and February of the previous year. All students should have signed up by March 1.

What happens if I don’t get signed up by March 1?
You can call MRCC at 765-664-9091 and see if there is room in your program of interest. If not, you can be put on a waiting list.

How many credits do I receive for an MRCC class?
Students earn three credits per semester for most classes.

How do I get from my school to MRCC? Can I drive?
All county school students are required to drive or find their own ride to and from MRCC. For directions to the building, click here.

What does it cost to take a class at MRCC? As long as you are enrolled at your home high school there is no tuition charged for an MRCC class. Like any class at your home high school there will be book and class fees that vary from class to class. Some programs have an additional cost for personal items such as a uniform, protective clothing or tools.

Can a student who is being home-schooled take an MRCC class?
Yes, home-schooled students can enroll in an MRCC class. The parent/guardian of the student needs to contact the school district in which they live and obtain permission prior to enrolling in a class.

Do all classes meet both morning and afternoon?
There are classes that may not meet both a.m. and p.m. from year to year or from program to program. Check with MRCC to obtain the most up to date info. Click here for contact information.

Can I choose which class, a.m. or p.m., I want to attend?
Possibly. You can request a specific section, but the class you get scheduled into will be determined by a number of factors, including which school you attend, your home high school schedule, the number of students in the program, and whether you are a first- or second-year student.

What is the length of the MRCC programs?
Most programs are four semesters, or two years, in length. There are a few that are two semesters, or one year, in length.

Can I switch programs during the semester?
No. During first semester you will need to finish the semester and reschedule to attend your home high school all day for second semester. During second semester you will need to finish the semester, but you can select a different program for the next school year based on availability.

I attend one of the county schools and our schedule is different than MRCC’s. Which schedule do I follow?
You follow MRCC’s schedule for your MRCC class and your home high school’s schedule for the rest of your classes. That means that some days you may attend your home high school for half day and have the other half off due to a Marion Community Schools day off. Other days you will attend your MRCC class for half day and have the other half off due to a day off at your home high school. In the end you will still have attended 180 days of school at your home high school and 180 days at MRCC. To view Marion Community Schools' system-wide calendar, click here.