Health Sciences

Education and certification in health sciences can prepare you for many occupations in the industry. At Grant Regional Career Center, you’ll explore a variety of health science careers and get hands-on work in supervised lab and clinical settings. 

Typical careers: Nurse | Technician | Doctor | Therapist | Educator | Medical Assistant

Typical salary range: $20,200 - $87,000+

In some classes, students can earn high school credit and college credit at the same time! (This can save you big on your college bills!)

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Professional certifications available through GRCC: 


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DID YOU KNOW: Marion High School graduates have been recognized for excellence in the medical field! The following MHS alumni have been inducted into the Marion High School Hall of Distinction.

  • John Boxell, M.D., Class of 1957, otolaryngologist / head and neck surgeon who practiced in Chattanooga, Tenn., for more than 35 years, and clinical associate professor of surgery at University of Tennessee College of Medicine at Chattanooga
  • Edmund Casey, M.D., Class of 1942: lauded physician, first African-American on staff at Bethesda Hospital in Cincinnati; president of National Medical Association; U.S. Air Force veteran
  • Joseph Davis, M.D., FACS, Class of 1935: An innovator in the medical field who along with his father and brother built the Davis Clinic, which revolutionized medical care in Marion
  • Sharon Dunwoody, Ph.D, Class of 1965: Professor emerita at University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Journalism and Mass Communication; award-winning researcher in the field of science communication
  • John L. Earnest, Class of 1962: Entrepreneur, innovator in health care and medical management, bringing changes and improvements to the field in Marion and beyond
  • Albert Faunce, Class of 1956, who helped advanced the field of dentistry with research and production of composite dental materials used all over the world, an author, a college professor, and a philanthropist
  • Frank Roland Faunce, D.D.S., Class of 1956: International expert on aesthetic dentistry; pediatric dentist; 26 years in Army Dental Corps during Vietnam War and Desert Storm; professor; researcher
  • David Fisher, M.D., Class of 1973: Orthopedic surgeon, involved in development of total hip and knee prosthetic implant systems; clinical educator; led one of largest orthopedic practices in U.S.
  • Pierre James Fisher, M.D., FACS, Class of 1949: Military surgeon; health care leader who was instrumental in beginning hospice care in Grant County; social activist and philanthropist
  • Courtney Gorman, D.D.S., ABO, Class of 1979: Longtime owner of Gorman and Bunch Orthodontics, with offices in Marion and throughout central Indiana. Sought-after educator. Active community leader, philanthropist
  • Diane Janowicz, M.D., Class of 1992: Infectious disease and HIV/AIDS specialist at IU Health, faculty member and fellowship program director at the IU School of Medicine, spearheaded clinical response to major HIV outbreak in rural southern Indiana in 2015
  • John C. Jarrett, M.D., FACOG, Class of 1969: Noted expert on fertility treatment who has helped countless couples overcome impaired fertility; sought-after lecturer
  • Doris Jesch, M.D., ABP, Class of 1956: Beloved, respected, and highly-skilled Marion pediatrician, who served generations of Marion families with her gentle spirit and compassionate care
  • David L. Joyce, Class of 1962: Youngest business manager in the history of the NFL; innovator in the health care field; national expert in physician group formation and management 
  • Kathleen L. Keller, Ph.D., Class of 1991, award-winning researcher in the field of childhood eating behavior and obesity
  • David Kiley, M.D., FACOG, Class of 1978: OB/GYN; Community Health Network executive; leader in patient-centered care
  • Max Long, M.D., Class of 1933, World War II veteran, serving with the U.S. Navy; practiced medicine in Marion for nearly 50 years, including serving as Marion Community Schools physician for 32 years 
  • Barbara Stevens Mitchell, R.N., Class of 1966, a well-respected and distinguished healthcare professional once known as “the face of nursing in Indiana”, who also helped bolster the nursing profession in the state through philanthropic and workforce development efforts
  • John Neeley, Class of 1971, an internationally recognized leader in the pharmaceutical industry, helping to increase access to life-changing medications, and an active supporter of the missionary and outreach efforts who helped to grow a wide network of churches
  • Erika Davis Sears, M.D., M.S., Class of 1998, plastic surgeon specializing in hand surgery and reconstructive surgery, proud to provide care for veterans and other patients with traumatic injuries
  • Joe Sutter, Class of 1969: Professional basketball player; physical therapist, entrepreneur who built his practice into network of 12 clinics; clinical educator, philanthropist
  • Paul Usher, Class of 1963, Past President / CEO of Marion General Hospital for eight years, after 20 years as CFO, and six years prior to that in financial services
  • Lesley Weaver, Ph.D, Class of 2004, molecular biologist and researcher who is set to join the faculty of Indiana University this fall, active mentor who works to recruit, retain, and support underrepresented minorities in STEM-related fields