Little Giants Preschool honors longtime staffer and volunteer

Publish Date: 10/16/2020

Little Giants Preschool honored longtime staffer and then volunteer Sue House for her 13 years of service to the Head Start program in Marion.

Sue was honored Oct. 15 at her final Policy Council meeting for the Head Start program. The Policy Council is an advisory group for the preschool program. She has served as a volunteer on the council for the past five years, and has reached the term limit set for the council. 


Sue House, left, and Little Giants Preschool Director Sarah Summersett.


Her dedication to Head Start started long before that, though. In 2007 she was hired as a social worker for the program. For six years, she worked alongside then-teacher Sarah Summersett (now the Director of Little Giants) to support her classroom with social services. The entire time Sue worked for Head Start, her husband, Bill House, known as "Mr. Bill", volunteered in Mrs. Summersett's classroom weekly. In 2013, Sue retired but then quickly came back to the program to serve as a volunteer and substitute teacher in the classroom, until her health prevented her from continuing in 2019. 

She is now retiring again at the age of 80, but the Little Giants staff aims to find ways to keep her involved volunteering in various capacities! She said she plans to help as much as her doctor and health allow. 

With her certificate of achievement and flowers in hand, Sue stated with teary eyes that she will "never get over her love of working with children.”  

We thank Sue for her love and support, and we wish her many happy years ahead!


Thank you, Sue!