Little Giants Preschool Staff

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Little Giants Preschool District Support Staff

For general information, please call 765-662-2546 ext. 8080. To contact one of our coordinators or your child's teacher, you can email or call them at the addresses below.

Allison Reed, Preschool Director


I oversee the day-to-day operations of the Little Giants Preschool. I support the needs of my teaching staff, students, and families. I write and oversee the grants for our program. Prior to serving as Director, I taught for 9 years at Little Giants Preschool.


Sarah Summersett, Assistant Director


Sarah Summersett, Little Giants Preschool Coordinator

I support the Director and help with day-to-day operations of the Little Giants Preschool. I previously served as Director for several years, and taught for 13 years in our Head Start program at a variety of Marion school sites.


Heather Watson, Secretary

765-662-2546 ext. 8080

Heather Watson, Little Giants Preschool secretary

I work closely with the Preschool Director, ensuring that all fiscal operations, as well as general operations run smoothly for our Little Giants program.


Karen Hansel, Education Coordinator

Karen Hansel, Education Coordinator, Little Giants Preschool

I oversee student assessment and curriculum, as well as coach teachers on specific needs and help them develop yearly goals. I also serve as the main supervisor of our distance learning program and contact for families.


Deb Hendricks, Enrollment Coordinator

Deb Hendricks, Little Giants Preschool Enrollment Coordinator

I help provide tuition-free preschool to eligible students and determine family eligibility. I inform Grant County families of registration and coordinate enrollment activities for Little Giants families.


Sarah McVicker, Health Coordinator / Nurse

Sarah McVicker, Health Coordinator, Little Giants Preschool

I oversee all health services for our program. I work with children and families to ensure that all have a medical and dental provider and connect them with health resources within the community. I provide hearing, vision, growth and nutrition screenings for all enrolled children. I track, monitor & treat chronic healthcare conditions. I provide health education to students, families, and staff. In addition, I oversee and manage all requirements for meeting Level 3 Paths 2 Quality.


Michelle Herring, Family Partnership Coordinator

Michelle Herring, Little Giants Preschool Family Partnership Coordinator

I coordinate family events and parent workshops, manage our Ready Rosie Program and our family involvement incentive program and lead the Parent Gauge/Parent Surveys for improving our program based on parent feedback.


Kristi Hawkins, Community Partnership Coordinator

Kristi Hawkins, Little Giants Preschool Community Partnership Coordinator

I partner with local, state, and national organizations to make sure our Little Giants program supports families with various needs. I advertise community events and activities and help families access community resources, including wrap-around childcare, housing, budgeting and asset building, adult education opportunities, and much more.


Jody Fry, Mental Health Coordinator / Consultant

Jody Fry, Mental Health Coordinator, Little Giants Preschool

I conduct child and classroom observations, consult with parents and staff, and connect families to community mental health resources. Contact me for any concerns about your child, such as child development, separation anxiety, trauma, attachment or challenging behaviors.


Megan Griffin, Mental Health Support Specialist





Little Giants @ Allen Elementary 

You can reach Allen Elementary by phone at 765-664-7355, or you can contact individual staffers at the email addresses listed below.


Sunni Mikesell,

Melissa Sizemore, 

Cindy Wilson,

Educational Assistants

Kristina Bailey,

Alaina Combs,

Raisha Smith Holloway, 

Dustina McCoin,

Linda Rodriguez, 


Little Giants @ Frances Slocum Elementary 

You can reach Frances Slocum Elementary by phone at 765-664-0589, or you can contact individual staffers at the email addresses listed below.


Kelly Hauke: 

Sarah Montgomery,

Sarah Nacke, 

Sarah Jones,

Educational Assistants

Kathy Baryoh,

Lindsay Delawter, 

Karen Haag,

Maranda Holland Dilts,

Caitlyn Magee,

MaryJane McFarren,

Rhonda Sexton, 


Little Giants @ Kendall Elementary 

You can reach Kendall Elementary by phone at 765-662-7364, or you can contact individual staffers at the email addresses listed below.


Sarah Dawson,

Amanda Gallaway,

Stacy Thompson, 

Educational Assistants

Olivia Cummins,

Baylee Ensor, 

Abygail McClelland,

Sarah McGibbon, 

Cassandra Phenis,

Rachelle Rouse,

Carin Shrout,


Little Giants @ Riverview Elementary 

You can reach Riverview Elementary by phone at 765-662-2427, or you can contact individual staffers at the email addresses listed below.


Kayte Duncan,

Stephanie Hickman, 

Kim Kreischer,

Educational Assistants

Beth Carrico,

Melissa Coffey,

Olivia Enyeart, 

Lucy Holland,

Chelsea Staggs,