School budget access on Gateway

The State of Indiana provides information on every school corporation’s budget plus other interesting and useful reports.

>> Click here to access reports on Gateway

To find Marion Community Schools budget information on that site:

  1. Click on the large button called “Report search by address or tax unit”
  2. Once that tab opens click on “Budgets” (there is also additional information located here)
  3. Once the Budget section opens there are several options. The first one, “Budget Estimate – Financial Statement – Tax Rate,” is the most common and summarizes the budget. Click on that link.
  4. To find the budget for Marion Community Schools use the scroll down menus to select (in this order):

a. Year (scroll to the year you wish to see)

b. County (scroll to Grant)

c. Unit (scroll to Marion Community School Corporation)

d. Then click “View report”

e. Use the arrows to change pages

>> Click here to review the 2019 MCS capital projects plan 

>> Click here to review the 2019 MCS bus replacement plan