From the School Social Worker's desk

On this page, we are collecting resources from Marion Community Schools' social workers to help you! We are all working together to stay connected. Check out the following links:


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We are available via email to assist families with any concerns or needs they have during this time!



>> Click to view our local community resource guide (food banks, childcare, financial help, and more) 


Other resources:


Easy calming exercises:


App suggestions:

These are external apps that have been recommended by our staffers. Please note these are not MCS apps; read app documentation for more information.

  • Mindful Powers: This app teaches students various ways to self regulate as they help a Flibbertygibbet learn how to be more mindful (Android & Apple link)

  • Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame Street: Your student can help a Sesame Street character calm down in English or in Spanish (Android link) (Apple link)

  • Antistress: This app offers a variety of virtual fidgets and calming sensory items (Android link) (Apple link)

  • Breath Ball: Customize a ball to be whatever color you would like and breathe with it (Android & Apple link)

  • Gravitarium: Music plays in the background while you draw (Apple only)

  • Headspace: The free version offers mindful meditations (Android & Apple link)

  • Stop, Breathe, Think: This app allows students to identify how they are feeling and recommends mindful meditations specific to how they are feeling (Android & Apple link)