Schultz named Indiana School Business Official of the Year

Publish Date: 11/10/2020

Dr. Robert Schultz, chief financial officer and assistant superintendent for business affairs at Marion Community Schools, recently was honored by the Indiana Association of School Business Officials as the Indiana School Business Official of the Year

“It is an honor and pleasure to announce that Bob Schultz has been selected to be the Indiana Association of School Business Officials 2020 recipient of the School Business Official of the Year Award,” said Dennis Costerison, Executive Director of IASBO. “Bob is a true leader who is respected by the IASBO membership for his knowledge of school business management issues and for being a mentor to countless colleagues. Personally, Bob has been of tremendous service to me for his wise and practical advice dealing with fiscal legislative issues. I am proud to call Bob my friend and congratulate him on this statewide award on behalf of the IASBO membership.”   

Each year, IASBO recognizes a school business official in each of its 10 regions with a regional award, and honors one school business official with its statewide award. This is the third time in five years that MCS, has been honored by IASBO for his work. He was named Region 5 School Business Official of the Year in 2016 and 2018. 

Marion Community Schools is proud of this recognition of MCS and of Dr. Schultz, who brings a wealth of experience to his role here.

“This is a well-earned honor for Dr. Bob Schultz and Marion Community Schools,” said Marion Community Schools Superintendent Dr. Brad Lindsay. “Over the last six years Bob has brought integrity, commitment and expertise to our school community as our assistant superintendent and chief financial officer. Bob is mission- and values-aligned, and he serves as an outstanding mentor, coach, friend, and leader of Marion Community Schools business affairs. This is a Giant recognition for Bob Schultz and Marion Community Schools. Way to go, Bob, we are proud of you!”

Through his diverse career in education, including time as a teacher, principal, superintendent, and post-secondary educator, along with his experience as a researcher and an advisor for school districts across the state, Dr. Schultz has developed a wide and well-informed perspective on education and school finance. This perspective and range of experience makes him an invaluable part of our team here at Marion Community Schools, as we navigate the volatile world of school funding in Indiana.

Dr. Schultz is also a respected expert across the state, and Rep. Tony Cook, who represents part of Grant County in the Indiana General Assembly, offered high praise for him after hearing of the IASBO honor.

“It has always been a pleasure to work with or have a conversation with Bob Schultz over the years. He is one of the most knowledgeable, best researched, and planned financial managers I have known,” Rep. Cook said. “I love consulting with Bob; he will go out of his way to provide me with data and statistics, and you can count on it being right. Best yet, he has been a loyal and trusted friend for years who I value greatly on a personal and professional level. Bob is extremely deserving of this honor as Business Official of The Year. You can’t find any better in the school finance profession!”  

Dr. Schultz is a sincere and caring person who is committed to our staff and schools, and the children and community we serve. He is invested in the success of others and is a valued part of our team.

Across his career, Dr. Schultz has found success in various aspects of teaching and administration. In fact, this is the fifth time he has been recognized with a yearly award, and has been recognized in three different roles. Earlier in his career, he was recognized as Teacher of the Year at Eastbrook Community Schools. He was subsequently recognized as the Superintendent of the Year at Tipton Community Schools by the Indiana Association of Public School Superintendents.

J.T. Coopman, Executive Director of IAPSS, noted it is not only expertise that Dr. Schultz is known for, but also his character.

“It has been my honor and privilege to have Dr. Bob Schultz counted not only as a professional colleague but as a friend,” Coopman said. “I have known Dr. Schultz as a superintendent colleague and as a professor when we worked together teaching educational leadership at Indiana Wesleyan. His talents and dedication as a servant leader are nothing short of amazing. He is without question one of the most intelligent individuals I have ever know, but so humble at the same time. His keen wit and sense of humor can fill a room with laughter, but never at the cost to someone else’s character. He is such a kind man with a dedication to others whom he will help whenever needed. Dr. Schultz, as man of faith, fulfills his mission serving as a teacher and mentor to others with no expectation of anything in return.” 

Coopman added that IAPSS values Dr. Schultz’ insights and depends on them to help them analyze the issues that affect Indiana schools.

“Whenever we have a question regarding the impact of legislation on school finance, Dr. Schultz is our first call,” Coopman said. “He has the ability to see past the obvious issues of numbers in a budget, but into the future of what they can do to and for a school district. We call him the wizard. Marion Community Schools and our profession are so blessed to have Dr. Schultz as a leader and school finance guru to count on without question. Dr. Schultz is being honored as the IASBO School Business Official of the Year with good reason, he earned it. He will be humble in accepting it, but he deserves it and more. Congratulations Dr. Schultz.”