Technology FAQs

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How do I use Infinite Campus?

Click here for information.

How do I use Google Classroom?

Watch this tutorial video to explore the basics of using Google Classroom as a student:


How do I use split screen on my iPad?

Watch this tutorial video from Apple to see how you can display two documents or apps on your screen at one time using the split view function:


I lost my login information for my school iPad, or my login is not working.

Email MCS Tech Support at


Can I have my student iPad save my app and website passwords?

Click here for a how-to on saving passwords to your iPad.


I lost my login information for Clever or a specific learning app.

Contact your teacher. Emails are listed here.


My school iPad won't connect to my home wifi.

Email MCS Tech Support at


I want to use parent controls to limit my student's access on their school iPad.

All MCS iPads are governed by MCS filtering regardless of where they are being used, and parents have additional options for management of the advice for additional restrictions. Information on how to use the Jamf Parent device controls is available on our main Technology page. 


My school iPad is damaged or lost/stolen.

You must report any damage, loss, or theft of your school iPad to the MCS Technology Department within one school / business day of the incident. Email the MCS Tech Support at Click here to view the full terms of your school iPad user agreement.


I don't have access to wi-fi at home.

Wi-fi is available in the parking lots of all MCS school buildings. Student iPads will connect automatically.

Other community availability: 

  • Marion Public Library (when open)
  • various local restaurants


I have a question that wasn't answered in these FAQs

Please email your teacher and/or call your school to let them know what trouble you are having. They will involve the Tech Department as needed.