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Musicians advance to state Solo and Ensemble competition

Posted: by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
News Blog Category - News Marion High School students competed the last two weekends in the annual ISSMA Solo and Ensemble district competitions, and many of them advanced to the state round! 

Vocal / piano

The vocal and piano competition was held Jan. 28 at Southside Middle School in Muncie. Every single Giant who competed advanced to the state level, by earning a gold rating in the toughest division (Group 1). Congratulations to these Giants! They are:
  • Jada Adaway, senior
  • Allie Durbin, senior
  • Saidah Edwards, freshman
  • Kaleb Evans, junior
  • John Flowers, freshman
  • Triston Galeon, freshman, piano solo
  • Amonte King, junior
  • Myles Kohn, freshman
  • Lindsay Ngo, senior
  • Maria Porter, junior
  • Kendra Quill, junior
  • Casey Reaves, junior
  • Kabriel Robinson, freshman
  • Anna Shigley, freshman
  • Ianne Sierra, senior
State competition is set for Feb. 18 at Perry Meridian High School in Indianapolis. Congratulations and good luck to all of these students!


The instrumental competition was held Feb. 4 at Eastbrook High School. Six MHS students competed, several doing so for the first time. They all took on challenging music, and did well!

Two students advanced to the state competition, by playing pieces in the toughest division (group 1) and earning gold ratings:
  • Sophie Schenck, sophomore, trumpet solo
  • Ethan Roberts, senior, percussion
They will compete at the state contest on Feb. 25 at North Central High School in Indianapolis.

Here's a look at the rest of the competitors' results:
  • Saralena Bergsma, freshman, solo, group 1; silver rating
  • Austin Guess, freshman; saxophone solo, group 3; gold rating
  • Abigail Baird, freshman; solo, group 3; silver rating
  • Cheyann Vick, sophomore; solo, group 3; silver rating
Congratulations to all of these students. We are proud of you!