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C-T: Marion schools reports increased enrollment

Posted: by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
From the Chronicle-Tribune

Marion Community Schools might see additional state funding after a Feb. 15 enrollment count showed the corporation has gained students since the start of the school year.

From the Chronicle-Tribune

The corporation reported an increase of 15 students since enrollment numbers were last tallied on Sept. 14, 2012, bringing total enrollment to 3,873 students.

“I’m pleasantly surprised,” Business Manager Jim McWhirt said during Wednesday’s school board meeting.

Previously the Indiana Department of Education counted students annually in September, and the implications of the second count remain unclear. In a memorandum to the school board, McWhirt said the financial effect of the second enrollment count remains uncertain, but any changes would be positive.

Over the past several years, MCS has lost between about 3.5 and 9 percent of its students on an annual basis. Last fall, the district dropped only 2.44 percent of its current enrollment, its best figure since fall 2005.

In October, Edwards predicted that MCS will buck a generations-long trend of declining enrollment in the next five years.

“Marion Community Schools enrollment will be on the uptick, which it hasn’t been for 47 years,” he said in the fall. “We may lose some students in the next couple years, but I believe certainly that we’re going to put programs in place, and it’s my goal and the board’s to make this a very attractive district (to parents).”

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